To produce conventional and organics plants of high quality according to out motto “Quality Berries. Quality People”

Breaking the Barrier of caliber and early fruit

Emerald ®, Primadonna ®, Snow Chaser ®

Viveros Sunnyridge Chile has the exclusive license on the country for Emerald ®, Primadonna ® and Snow Chaser ®.

High quality plants, micropropagated in America. Acclimatized and rooted in Chile. Furthermore, Viveros SunnyRidge has licensed Star varieties (patent valid in USA) and Jewel ®.

All our production are conventional plants with organic certification.

Patents and Intellectual Property

Florida varieties are patented in the U.S., making it illegal to trade foreign fruit from illegally propagated plants.

At the same time all of our species are guarded and registered in the National Register of Protected Varieties of Agricultural and Catter Service, (SAG in Chile) who has control over trading.

Chilean protected varieties can only be propagate by those licensed by the breeder. The spread of these varieties is illegal and it is a punishable offense in Chile by Law No. 19,342.

More Productive, earlier, more vigorous

Emerald ®, Primadonna ®, Snow Chaser ®

Why these varieties are so special?

1. – These are the earliest among all blueberries varieties in the world.

2. – Its harvest in Chile ends in mid-November, between 15-20 days before O’Neal and Misty.

3. – Allows an increase of profitability, producing up to 100% more fruit than Misty and  O’Neal. They are high quality varieties with calibers greater than 18 mm.

Production of conventional plants with organic certification

Since 2009, Viveros Sunnyridge Chile is certified to produce high quality organic plants. Our experience, mixed with the constant recommendations of our Customers is certainly an advantage for cultivation.

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Licencia Exclusiva en Chile de las Nuevas Variedades de Arándanos University of Florida

Exclusive License in Chile of the New Blueberries Varieties by University of Florida