“Viveros SunnyRidge Chile” was born in April 2006, with the purpose of producing in Chile and for the world, blueberry plants of new varieties, under the strict requirements of the national and international market.

Due to family tradition that identifies us, to the work in conjunction with SunnyRidge Farm INC. And currently with DOLE, today “Viveros SunnyRidge Chile” is able to deliver a product with the highest standards of quality, striving to know each day more about the requirements of our customers, keeping us at the forefront of the needs of the markets in which we participate.

Due to the great demand in different countries of the Southern Cone, currently “Viveros SunnyRidge” has had to locate facilities in other countries, which gives birth to Viveros SunnyRidge Perú SAC and Viveiros SunnyRidge Brasil.


Sandra González Manosalva
+56 9 85295928
Directo Oficina: +56 9 61419365

Parcela 19-B, Codigua, Melipilla, RM
Casilla 44 correo Melipilla, Chile


José Luis Ubaldo G.
+51 9 98121509

Calle Los Zorzales 160, Piso 3
San Isidro, Lima Perú


Valentina Baasch Barberis
+55 11 3142-9830


Valentina Baasch Barberis
+55 11 3142-9830

Alameda Campinas, 463 – Conj. 1 C
Jardim Paulista – São Paulo Brasil

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