Our people

We are proud of the team we have formed, where each of us is aware of the importance of our work, striving daily to play our role in the best way. Working under a good environment generates a sense of commitment to the family we are a part of. Our people are the key to obtain the excellent quality products and that is the reason why every year we choose our best workers in leisure days, rewarding their constancy, commitment and values deposited in their work.


Sandra González Manosalva
+56 9 85295928
Directo Oficina: +56 9 61419365

Parcela 19-B, Codigua, Melipilla, RM
Casilla 44 correo Melipilla, Chile


José Luis Ubaldo G.
+51 9 98121509

Calle Los Zorzales 160, Piso 3
San Isidro, Lima Perú


Valentina Baasch Barberis
+55 11 3142-9830


Valentina Baasch Barberis
+55 11 3142-9830

Alameda Campinas, 463 – Conj. 1 C
Jardim Paulista – São Paulo Brasil

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